Situation and surroundings

Our camping-site is situated in the municipality of the Over-Betuwe between the villages of Oosterhout and Slijk-Ewijk, N.W. of Nijmegen (at abt. 6 km.). The camping-site is situated on the north bank of the river Waal, amid a scenery of slanting flood plains, meandering river dykes and picturesque dyke-dwellings. As a result of this unique situation (in the very heart of the Betuwe), our camping-site has excellent possibilities for cycle- and/or walking trips along the river dyke. Our camping-site is situated along a footpath, called the Linge-path, and the countrywide cycle network. This neighbourhood also offers excellent opportunities to go fishing in the river or to go hiking along the river.

River and shipping

Camping along the river Waal is a unique event for both young and old. This river is one of the busiest rivers in Europe. Especially to supply the Ruhr area with raw materials more than 850 million tons of cargo are transported along this river every year. On a normal day more than a hundred inland navigation vessels, tankers and pushers tug combinations pass by. This is another reason why you will not feel bored on camping-site De Grote Altena.


The Betuwe is excellently suited to make a cycling- and/or walking trip. While walking or cycling you can enjoy the characteristic church villages and (during the period of blossoming fruit trees) the blossoming fruit tree orchards. From the river dyke you will have a beautiful view of the flood plains and river scenery. At reception you can have various cycling- and walking routes. If you want to plan your own cycling route, you will find information on

Nijmegen and Arnhem

An interesting and pleasant outing for the whole family is a city walk in the oldest city of the Netherlands, the Roman emperor’s town Noviomagum (Nijmegen), maybe in combination with a short visit to Museum park Orientalis, the Africa Museum or the Valkhof museum. A nice alternative is a short walk along the Waalkade, with its numerous pubs and restaurants, or a visit to the Holland Casino. Nijmegen centre is abt. 6 km. from our camping site and is within easy reach via a new cycle-bridge.

For young and old a daytrip to the Open-air museum or Burgers Zoo at Arnhem is also an event you will never forget. The two attraction parks visited by over 100.000 visitors a year is one of the most frequented attractions of the country. Arnhem centre is about 13 km. from our camping-site and within easy reach by car or public transport.

The Gelderse Poort

A cycle- or walking trip through nature resort De Gelderse Poort with a short stop at Millinger Teagarden is a unique experience as well. Here you can enjoy at your ease the Mediterranean atmosphere in a beautifully laid-out garden.

National park de Hoge Veluwe

For real lovers of nature and culture a visit to the national park de Hoge Veluwe with its well-known Kröller-Müller museum is certainly worthwhile. In this museum you will find a number of Van Gogh’s masterworks and the famous Brancusi egg.

VVV Nijmegen and Arnhem

More information about the sights and trips mentioned above can be obtained at VVV Nijmegen or VVV Arnhem.

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